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Blood or PCR test for COVID-19 antibodies

The most accurate method of detecting a coronavirus infection

*This service is currently only available in London within the M25. Please contact for pricing outside the M25. Terms and conditions apply.

COVID-19 is an infection caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It can occur both in the form of a mild respiratory infection, and in a more severe form complicated by viral pneumonia, often leading to respiratory failure.

How does this test differ from other COVID-19 tests?
At the moment, several types of tests are available to determine COVID-19.

PCR tests
Viral PCR test is a mouth and nose swab which tests for the active virus. If this is positive then you are infectious to other people and can spread the infection to those around you.

COVID-19 antibody test
Antibodies in the body are formed during an active infection, as well as in the case of contact with the virus, even if it did not lead to the disease.
How it works?
Book an appointment
Choose a convenient day and time for you. A nurse will come to you, and the whole procedure will take less than 5 minutes.
Take a blood test (or swab)
All of our nurses are experienced in blood sampling and use disposable protective equipment.
Get your results
After 4-6 hours, you will receive your same-day results. We do not pass your results to any 3rd parties.
Frequently asked questions
Do I need to take the test if I don't have any symptoms?
Studies show that 4 out of 5 patients who are infected are asymptomatic, or possess mild symptoms.
How accurate are the test results?
Compared to other test-systems on the market ichroma™ has proven it's sensitivity at 98%.
What does the test not show?
Since COVID-19 is a novel disease, scientists have not yet come to a unanimous conclusion on whether or not the presence of antibodies guarantees lifelong immunity.
Get tested as a part of your next bioniq LIFE check-up
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Get a standalone at home COVID-19 test

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Every additional test at the same address
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Need testing for travelling abroad?
Countries have started opening borders but foreign travel still requires an antigen test (PCR Test) 3 days prior to travel.
Our PCR Test result comes validated by a medical doctor and is recognised globally for travel purposes.

Accuracy of bioniq PCR test
We use a molecular assay (PCR) method that guarantees greater than 99.9% accuracy in detecting RNA from the coronavirus. In other words, if SARS-CoV-2 is on the swab you send us, we will find it.

Trained couriers

Fill in your details, choose day and time for the courier's visit (our trained courier waits while you do the swab). Usually, the test results are ready no later than the next evening.
Get tested for existing infection by taking a swab at home
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PCR + Antibody
Get tested for existing and past infection (swab and blood test) at home

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