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bioniq IMMUNE – immune system support complex
Help your body support and maintain its immune system, with bioniq IMMUNE. A Swiss micronutrient complex developed with our research to support you.

bioniq IMMUNE – Immune system support complex
Support your immune system with a mixture of Swiss micronutrients, developed on the base of our research foundation.

bioniq Medical Director and author of the bioniq systeM
Konstantin Karuzin
"The environment of a global pandemic that we find ourselves in has completely transformed how we view our immune system and its value in our everyday life. We need to give special attention not only to the micronutrient and vitamin deficiencies in our bodies but to our overall lifestyle: nutrition, physical exercise and sleep.

Primarily, as a company, bioniq's focus is solely on personalised solutions. However our research foundation and vast database of observations have allowed us to develop a universal solution for those who do not yet have the opportunity to join the personalised bioniq LIFE system.

People regularly ask me about what they can do to minimise their risks of contracting the virus. The answer is simple - support and maintain the immune system! Start looking after your body better than ever before. In the bioniq IMMUNE complex, we included the most essential components for immune system support."
What you will get
  • Vitamin-micronutrient complex of Swiss components to support the immune system.

  • Free delivery directly to you (the package can be left outside the door)


    *Discount applies when you buy 2 items or more. Delivery is available for all countries. Terms apply.
What you will get
Vitamin-micronutrient complex of Swiss components to support the immune system.

Free delivery directly to you (the package can be left outside the door)
    *Discount applies when you buy 2 items or more. Delivery is available for all countries.. Terms apply.
    1 package ≈
    1 month of intake

    2 packages ≈
    2 months of intake

    3 packages ≈
    3 months of intake

    4 packages ≈
    4 months of intake

    What are the daily bioniq IMMUNE dosage components?
    Vitamin A (772.7 mcg)
    Vitamin A is essential for the health of the skin and mucous membranes which act as the first line of defence against infections.

    Vitamin C (636.3 mg)
    Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) neutralises the effects of damaging processes in the external environment. It is used in the synthesis of collagen, which is responsible for the condition of the blood vessel walls.
    Vitamin D3 (100 mcg)
    Vitamin D is crucial for the metabolism of phosphorus and calcium, bone strength, the functioning of the immune system, and many other processes in the body.
    Vitamin E (128.2 mg)
    Vitamin E (tocopherol), obtained from plant oils in the body it plays the role of an antioxidant, immunomodulator and coenzyme in collagen formation. As an antioxidant, it protects cells from free radicals, thereby slowing down their ageing process. It also prevents the wearing down of blood vessels and stimulates the immune system.
    Vitamin K2 (75 mcg)
    Vitamin K2 (menaquinone) belongs to the group of K vitamins, responsible for the absorption of calcium (along with vitamins A and D) and blood coagulation. It prevents calcium from entering the kidneys and blood vessels protecting from cardiovascular disease and kidney stones, as well as delivering calcium to the right places in the body and restoring bones, preventing osteoporosis, atherosclerosis and caries.
    Zinc (40 mg)
    Zinc lowers the susceptibility to acute infections of the lower respiratory tract by regulating various functions of the immune system such as protecting and ensuring the integrity of the cells in the respiratory tract in the case of inflammation and lung damage.
    Magnesium (100 mg)
    Magnesium is essential for the synthesis of three hundred enzymes and the production of protein molecules. It also regulates cell growth and dilates blood vessels. However, its most well-known function is fighting stress: it decreases our sensitivity to adverse external influences, inhibits excessive excitation and relaxes the internal organ muscles.
    Copper (2 mg)
    Copper plays a crucial role in haematopoiesis, helping to produce haemoglobin. It also accelerates blood circulation during physical activity, as well as delivering oxygen to the muscles and participating in the production of elastin, which gives shape to the vessels, and collagen in the bones. Copper is also involved in the activation of insulin, skin pigmentation, and the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
    Manganese (5 mg)
    Manganese is crucial for hematopoiesis, the functioning of sex glands and affects the growth rates of the body. Manganese deficiency inhibits growth, reproductive function and causes nervous disorders. An excess of manganese is primarily reflected in the nervous system: drowsiness, fatigue and worsened memory.
    Selenium (25 mcg)
    Selenium protects the body from mercury, lead, cadmium and other heavy metals that pollute the atmosphere and then enter our bodies through food, water and air. It is part of many proteins and enzymes, preventing the formation of malignant tumours. The thyroid gland cannot synthesise iodine-containing hormones without selenium.
    Chromium (50 mcg)
    Chromium is a part of the cells of all tissues and organs of the human body. This trace element is involved in vital processes: synthesis of fats and carbohydrates, levelling of blood glucose levels, protection of nucleic acid molecules from destruction, normalisation of the heart and blood vessels, removal of toxins and salts from heavy metals.
    Molybdenum (50 mcg)
    Molybdenum is found in the bones, the liver and the kidneys. This trace element helps metabolise fats and carbohydrates, normalises male sexual function, takes part in the accumulation of nitrogen, affects the production of amino acids, and cleanses the body from toxic substances. Studies confirm the effectiveness of this trace element in alleviating chronic and acute pain, reducing the risk of developing cancer of the intestines and stomach, and relieving asthma.
    Iodine (50 mcg)
    Iodine is one of the components of the thyroid. The thyroid plays a crucial role in the growth and development of all organs. It controls thermoregulation in the body - the maintenance of a constant body temperature. It is also essential for the formation of phagocytes - the cells responsible for the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms. Iodine is necessary for fat burn and aids weight maintenance.
    Beta-carotene (1.5 mg)
    Beta-carotene (provitamin A) is essential for vision, as it forms the visual pigment rhodopsin. Acting as an antioxidant, provitamin A protects cells from harmful products of oxidative processes. As well as this, beta-carotene is also a natural immunomodulator and helps prevent cardiovascular disease.
    Lutein (4.6 mg)
    Lutein is crucial for vision: it helps maintain near-vision and enables the protection of the retina from aggressive light and premature ageing. It also has a beneficial effect on mental activity. Our body does not produce lutein on its own; we get it only with food - for example, it is found in large quantities in breast milk.
    Bioflavonoids (154.5 mg)
    The citrus bioflavonoids complex has a powerful antioxidative effect and functions optimally as a food supplement. Its components contribute to the destruction of free radicals in cells, thereby helping to maintain overall health.
    Individual intolerance of specific components, pregnancy, children under 18 years old. Consult a medical professional before taking.
    Use and dosage
    Adults over 18 years old should take 1 spoon in the morning and in the evening. 5ml spoon included.
    Store in a dry place away from light.
    Shelf life
    8 months
    bioniq IMMUNE formula comes in a form of granules. What is so special about them?
    The components within our supplements are:

    Suitable for vegans
    We use cutting-edge technology to ensure that all your micronutrients can be delivered in one go. Our small granules can be easily swallowed or mixed with food or liquids for easy consumption.
    The highly-cleaned powder of the guar bean is used in individual pharmaceutical-quality micronutrient granulates for maximum absorption and efficacy. The granules used in our products are manufactured using patented Swiss technology, thus ensuring the highest quality possible and maximum bioavailability of the active ingredient.
    ACTIVITY 24/7
    Unlike standard nutritional supplements, our granules release their active ingredients over a sustained 12-hour period. By taking your formula twice a day, you receive all your vitamins, minerals and microelements throughout a 24-hour period.
    "The bespoke element of bioniq is particularly great at optimising your body's potential. It cuts corners to find the root of what your body requires, as opposed to trialling lots of supplements"
    "I would highly recommend bioniq LIFE, which is personalised based on your individual blood tests and can track your progress and amend your formula to ensure that your body is receiving the exact nutrients it requires"
    "bioniq cuts out the guesswork, by providing a window into your own health status and creates a supplement formula, bioniq LIFE, bespoke to you and your lifestyle"
    "bioniq is the latest company offering at-home bi-monthly blood tests, which arguably goes one step further. Off the back of your results, personalised Swiss-made supplements are delivered to your door"
    Since 2012, to evaluate
    the effectiveness of bioniq we have:

    controlled clinical studies
    30 000
    blood tests extensively analysed
    Published clinical results
    A randomised study by a board-certified Prof. Andrew Martusevich, PhD in Medicine and Biology of 314 bioniq users. Published in the peer reviewed Journal "Archiv Euromedica" (Germany).


    What our users say
    "Over the past few months I've been waking up very tired and just looking forward to when I can be back in bed. Since taking Bioniq I am now awake as soon as the alarm goes off and ready to take on the day. Highly recommend"
    Maria Ensabella
    Founder of LondonCryo
    "From the initial experience of having a personal home visit from a qualified nurse for blood testing (it took 7 minutes!) to the set up of my own personal online tailored results dashboard and super quick delivery of supplements, the experience was faultless"
    Wynton Faure
    Private Aviation Consultant and
    Business Jet Advisor
    "I am impressed with bioniq - it was efficient, professional and in line with my expectations for a premium service. This was the first solution where I could track my improvements in my personal dashboard"
    Juliet Barratt
    Co-founder of Grenade – Sports Nutrition
    Recommended by leading health clinics and doctors
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